The Sunoco gas station at 2061 U.S. 23 North may soon be demolished, rebuilt and enlarged.

On Wednesday, the city of Delaware’s planning commission approved development plans for applicant Certified Oil. Certified’s stations offer Marathon, Sunoco or Valero brands of fuel. It was not certain whether the location would continue to sell Sunoco, or if it may change to Marathon.

“Certified purchased a quarter-acre of the Big Lots shopping center from Delaware County to enlarge their site,” said city zoning administrator Lance Schultz. “What they’re going to do is raze the existing building, and construct a new, 4,400-square-foot Certified Oil.”

There would be six bays for fueling under a roof, but none for semi-trucks. The existing Subway franchise would remain, as would the station’s convenience store. There would be two entrances, and a back access road.

“It’s kind of a unique site,” Schultz said. “It has frontage on 23, and the western portion of the building would front the shopping center, a second access.”

The staff report said Certified would begin construction in late summer or early fall, and be completed in 3 or 4 months, or 90 to 102 days. The opening could be on Dec. 1.

“This is definitely an upgrade of what’s out there today,” Schultz said. “We’re happy to see this proposal. It’s a nice mix of brick, stone, pitched roof and glass.”

Among the building materials will be Delaware blue-vein limestone, the staff report said.

The city’s planning department recommended approval of the plans, with 18 conditions. Schultz said many of the conditions are similar to the recently approved Speedway that would be built just up the road. For example, “no overnight semi-truck parking shall be permitted within the subject development and the applicant shall be responsible for ensuring compliance of such.”

There would be no merchandise sold in the front of the station; nor would there be a movie box or ATM outside the building; and the dumpster will be screened from public view. There will be no sidewalks on U.S. 23 due to safety concerns.

Commission members said they thought the plans were an improvement on the current site.

In response to a commission member’s request, a Certified representative said they would try to help “green up” the location with planters. Another suggestion was to add signage for out-of-town motorists.

There was no public comment on the plans.

The plan next goes before City Council, with a first reading potentially on June 13.

This Sunoco along U.S. 23 is expected to be demolished and rebuilt. Sunoco along U.S. 23 is expected to be demolished and rebuilt.

Gary Budzak | The Gazette


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