The Delaware County District Library is encouraging readers to exercise their bodies and their minds this summer. In the spirit of movement and fitness, the Powell, Ostrander and Delaware main libraries are all kicking off walking clubs this month.

Staff were inspired by the Summer Reading Club theme of “Ready. Set. Read!” to get families and adults moving. Each walking club session begins at the branch library and will last 30-45 minutes with a nice walk around the neighborhood and ending back at the library. According to the Mayo Clinic, people should “aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day.”

The walking clubs all begin this week and will meet weekly through the end of July. Stop by the Powell branch library on Tuesdays at 10 a.m.; the Delaware main library on Wednesdays at 10 a.m.; or the Ostrander branch library on Wednesdays at 10 a.m.

While this is a good opportunity to have a nice walk with casual conversation, you could also plug in your earphones and listen to music or a nice new book from the library district’s shelves. Here are a few:

• “End of Watch” by Stephen King. While Bill Hodges and his partner investigate a suicide with ties to the Mercedes Massacre, Brady Hartsfield, the Mercedes killer, is manifesting a new power that allows him to kill without leaving his hospital room.

• “Here’s to Us” by Elin Hilderbrand. Gathering at a ramshackle Nantucket cottage, a late celebrity chef’s wives and children confront the sources of their bitter rivalries and slowly let go of resentments as they remember positive times and share long-held secrets.

• “Fastpitch: The Untold History of Softball and the Women Who Made the Game” by Erica Westly. A history of fastpitch softball from its beginnings as an industrial worker’s game to an Olympic sport with millions of fans traces the larger-than-life stories of the women and men who popularized it, profiling some of its most famous athletes in a chronicle complemented by 16 pages of vintage photos.

• “Grunt” by Mary Roach. Explores the science of keeping humans healthy and focused in the extreme environments of war, drawing on interviews with doctors, trainers and weapons testers to illuminate how soldiers are conditioned to survive traumas.

• “A Million Years in a Day” by Greg Jenner. A tour of human history investigates the evolution of daily routines, discussing things that are taken for granted in modern life, such as who invented the bed, when did people start cleaning their teeth, and the rise of toilet use.

Nicole Fowles

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