To the editor:

To those who let their dogs run loose on the lawn surrounding our church, First Baptist of Delaware (on North Franklin Street): Please have the courtesy to use a plastic bag and pick up the resulting excrement. I am sure you all have plastic bags that grocery stores provide.

As one who cares for the church, it is frustrating to step in it while cutting the grass. Certainly you do not allow such negligence on your own property. Why do you allow it on the property of others, especially when that property surrounds a place of worship?

We have also had an incident recently in which an automobile drove through the south side of the church lawn to the alley in back. While mowing the lawn (recently), (I saw) there were at least two bicycle tracks through the lawn.

I would like to respectfully suggest to those who recognize themselves in this letter that they might kindly rethink these issues and place a higher priority on being courteous to those of us who attend First Baptist and to the land surrounding our place of worship, which — I will remind you — is God’s house. Thank you.

Jerry Palmer