The city of Delaware’s new splash pad at Veterans Park is a hit, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board were told last week.

“The spray and play and the Veterans Plaza openings went very well,” said Ted Miller, parks and natural resources director. “The spray and play has been very busy. It’s been so popular it’s overwhelming.”

Miller said attendance figures are down this summer at Mingo Park, perhaps because more people are going out to the Veterans Park, next to the YMCA Community Center. He said he didn’t have attendance numbers yet for Veterans Park.

“It’s very exciting having that (the splash pad) there, because we’ve run a lot of adult programs out there for kids and there was nothing for them to do,” said Roger Hanafin of the YMCA. Hanafin said the YMCA was receiving a lot of calls from residents about using the all-inclusive dinosaur-themed splash pad and playground.

“It’s a great addition to the community, and every time I go out there everybody seems to be friendly and sharing,” said board chair Allyson Lash.

Miller said the bathrooms at the spray and play were being checked to prevent people from slipping on wet floors; and three picnic tables would be added to provide more seating. In response to a question, he said the shelter next to the splash pad was available on a first-come, first-served basis; while the shelter near the playground could be reserved.

In other business, the board learned:

• There are volunteering opportunities available for the Dave Staley and Ironman triathlons. “We’ll be handing out water,” Hanafin said of the Ironman. “We got a 69-page thing on how to hand out water.”

• Hanafin also said the Movies at Mingo program and opening of the Jack Florance Pool are going well. “We have frozen pickle juice,” Hanafin said of an item offered at the pool. “It’s so good,”

• Members of the Delaware Cricket Club attended the meeting and requested a site to play and practice the bat and ball sport. They currently use fields at Ohio State University and New Albany High School’s baseball field, but would like a dedicated site. A cricket field can vary in size or shape, but its center must have a 10-foot-wide by 22-yard-long rectangular pitch with two wickets. The cricket enthusiasts said the sport was very popular in India, and a field in Delaware could attract new residents. A board member said some Ohio Wesleyan University students who stay in Delaware during the summer would also use a cricket field.

There was not a quorum at the meeting, and the board discussed going back to a single group, as opposed to two subcommittees, citing Miller’s leadership as an opportunity for them to accomplish more.

Kids run through the Veterans Park splash pad during its grand opening earlier this month. City officials said the new park addition is popular. run through the Veterans Park splash pad during its grand opening earlier this month. City officials said the new park addition is popular.

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