To the editor:

I found great humor in the letter to the editor (published) on July 5, chastising the GOP (and) calling it racist, sexist and fraught with bigotry (“GOP has a long way to go to change its brand”). The authors had the unmitigated gall to attack the GOP candidate and write nothing about the criminal running in the party that advocated slavery; champions open borders; will not say the words “Islamic terrorists”; conducts sit-down demonstrations in the halls of Congress, like a bunch of spoiled 5-year-old kids; and wants to pack the Supreme Court with left-wing, anti-constitutionalists who think guns kill people without anyone pulling the trigger.

The “Demo-rat” candidate is a straight-out criminal liar and should be in jail. … You can have her as your president, not me.

Yes, before you attack the GOP candidate, you need to look in the mirror at the “Demo-rat” candidate herself. How did we ever reach a point in our history where we put gender and party affiliation above character when voting for a president?

Chris Acker