To the editor:

Enough is enough. I do not know any of the persons mentioned in the news articles who are trying to divide my community. It is time for them to stop to think what they are doing.

I have lived in this community almost 69 years and have made friends from many backgrounds, races and ethnicities, and will not sit by and not be afraid to let my thoughts be known. It seems that often we lose freedoms in this country on a yearly basis and we should not lose freedom of expression.

As a Vietnam-era veteran, it is disgusting to see that persons are trying to destroy our freedoms, peace and our way of life.

Here is a couple of things that bother me more than any flag displayed. Why have military veterans worked on Veterans Day to pay for government workers who care little about our sacrifices? How do they repay us? Americans buy foreign-made products as if there will be no end to the boats from China and Japan. I am mad as hell about that but I am not setting up any protests. I keep it bottled up — until this time.

I do not express my distaste for this anti-American attitude of buying foreign products, which is destroying our economy and way of life. Most of these people do not know better nor genuinely care about our great country.

I suggest that those who would divide America put their petty differences aside and look at the whole world and the problems that exist everywhere. Let these protesters experience how difficult life is in the Middle East countries and they could better enjoy how wonderful America really is worth living in. …

Bill Kanode