Letter to the editor: Establishment candidate dilemma


I read all these editorials telling us how wonderful the establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton is and what a wonderful president she would make even though she cannot qualify for a Secret Security Clearance. But she can fix that was an Executive Order, no problem.

How can you have a President who loathes the military, yet would be the Commander and Chief of the military? She is without question the least qualified, most dishonest, mendacious, pathological liar to ever seek the office of president. I cannot begin to count the ways she had misinformed, lied to the public, lied under oath to numerous government officials, or misused taxpayer funds to further the Clinton bank account. Have you ever heard the phrase, “Where there is smoke there is fire?”

Let me count the ways; White Water, Cattle Futures, White House Travel Office, FBI files on political opponents hidden in a closet in the White House, stealing White House furniture when she departed in 2000 and made to return it, Benghazi and the death of four Americans then telling bold face lies to the family members of the dead, lying about dodging sniper fire in Sarajevo, lying about 30,000 deleted email from an unclassified email server in her house. Also, repeatedly lying to a Congressional Committee charged with investigating the facts as to whether she received, sent or destroyed classified emails from an unclassified server in her house, destruction of evidence, and The Clinton Foundation, the greatest pay-for-play influence and accessibility scheme ever devised.

This program involved routing donations from foreign governments and businesses through an intermediary and right into the Clinton Foundation (read Clinton Cash by Peter Switzer). Even Bernie Madoff would be proud of that game. As Secretary of State she approved the sale of weapons grade uranium to a Canadian firm, who sold it to the Russians, who gave it to the Iranians.

No argument, just fact, she did it. As a reward both the Canadian firm and the Russians put tens of millions into her little piggy bank called the Clinton Foundation. You say no, but it is true. If you think it is not true then answer the question, “Why did the Clintons set up a charity foundation in a foreign country, Canada? Why, because Canada has laws that forbid making known contributors to charities.

So the money from middle eastern countries goes to the charity in Canada, the money is bundled and sent to the Clinton Foundation. So why Canada, why not just set up the Foundation in America, after all the Clintons are Americans aren’t they? You decide for yourself.

So get real people, Trump is no saint, but he sure beats the alternative. Besides, have we not given the established politicians on both sides of the aisle all the chances in the world to fix the problems of this nation?

They all think we work for them. They fail to realize they work for us, the voters and taxpayers. When are we going to let them know we are the boss, not them? Think about this when you enter the voting booth and you pull the lever for an establishment candidate. The strongest expression of insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Trump is not an establishment candidate and cannot be bought. That is why they despise him so much.

-Christopher A. Acker


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