Russ Ulmer believes in Make a Difference Day.

“What a great group. It’s getting harder and harder to do chores around our property,” Ulmer said.

“The volunteers worked so hard, and when they finished one task, they would ask if there were more jobs to do. I have already put some tasks in the “Job Jar” for next year … and we are so lucky to have Connections Volunteer Center to organize and send all these great folks to help us here at home.”

The Delaware family was one of 67 senior homes that received volunteers on Make a Difference Day in 2015. Non-profits and senior adults have come to depend on the volunteer labor sent each year to their locations.

Make a Difference Day is a national day of service boasting the largest engagement of volunteers annually. “1,000 volunteers making a difference in Delaware is the goal,” said Director of Connections Volunteer Center Suzanne Pingry.

“We’re excited to host our 10th make a difference day in Delaware County.”

The national project began in 1992.

This year Make a Difference Day is Oct. 22. Volunteers will gather at Camp Lazarus on US 23 in Delaware County, the local Boy Scout Camp. Workers will receive a complimentary breakfast and their project assignments at either a local senior’s home or non-profit agency.

For approximately 3 hours each volunteer will serve by completing outside jobs such as yard work, painting and leaf raking. Lunch is also provided following the event.

“The kids thought the best part of the day were raking leaves and seeing the cats.” Jennifer Myers and her two elementary aged children also participated last year, “Knowing we helped relieve the burden of her doing that job made us feel really good.”

To participate, contact Connections Volunteer Center at 740-363-5000 or register online at

Connections Volunteer Center is a program of HelpLine, funded by SourcePoint, United Way of Delaware County, HelpLine, and private donations. HelpLine is a contract provider of the Delaware Morrow Mental Health & Recovery Services Board, a partner with United Ways of Delaware, Morrow, and Union Counties, and recipient of various state and federal grants as well as contributions that support its mission and services. To learn more, visit

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