September 2016


Leila Brammer, Delawaree, and Matthew Brammer, Caledonia.

Rex B. Zourdos, Delaware, and Melody L. Zourdos, Columbus.

Melissa Morrow, Ostrander, and Kevin Morrow, Delaware.

Suzanne Christman, Columbus and Randall Christman, Westerville.

Karen Lanotte, Columbus and Joseph Lanotte, Reynoldsburg.

Deborah Rose, Delaware and Brian Rose, Scarboro, Ontario, Canada.

Earl Fausnaugh, Delaware, and Carol Fausnaugh, Marion.

Kathleen Hutchinson, Johnstown, Donald Hutchinson, Galena.

Amber Beard, Delaware, and Jesse Beard, Delaware.

James Yoder, Westerville, and Dawn Yoder, Westerville.

Russell Ark, Columbus, and Kimberly Ark, Lewis Center.

Aja Lilly, Caledonia, and Raphael Lilly, Delaware.

Courtney c. Smith, Powell, and Zachary Smith, Dublin.

Grant Terry, Sunbury, and Jody Terry, Sunbury.

Barbara Stout, Columbus, oh and Perry Stout, Delaware.

Jeffrey, Powell, and Jaime, Pataskala.

Kelly McCulloch, Dublin, and Michael McCulloch, North Olmstead.

Zachary Peoples, Delaware, and Amanda Peoples, Delaware.

Michael Butcher, Delaware, and Elizabeth Butcher, Fulton.

Michelle Kidson, Powell, and Clinton Kidson, Powell.


Russell Grose, Lewis Center, and Michelle Grose, Delaware.

Kenneth Shears, Delaware, and Crimpson Shears, Delaware.

Jon Daup, Powell, and Deborah Daup, Powell.

Teresa McCarty, Sunbury and Matthew Moreland, Sunbury.

Tara Fisher, Lewis Center, and Jeffrey Fisher, Lewis Center.

Donna Golden, Delaware, and Walter Golden, Delaware.

Stephanie Hoskins, Marysville, and Michael Hoskins, Lewis Center.

Doyle Saunders II, Lewis Center, and Licia Saunders,Lewis Center.

Maurice Irish, Delaware, and Alison Irish, Delaware.

Chelsie Ward, Delaware, and Jesse Ward, Columbus.

Mary Caldwell, Delaware, and Andrew Caldwell, Delaware.

Mary Harris, Delaware, and Marianne Elizabeth Harris, Blacklick.

Kyle Mozek, Grove City, and Albert Mozek Jr., Sunbury.

Lori Savage, Delaware, and Charles Savage, Reynoldsburg.

Kathryn Elizabeth Cannon, Powell, and Richard Cannon Jr., Powell.

Jo Anna Leppert, Dublin, and David Leppert, Dublin.

Carlos Duran, Galena, and Joanne Thompson, Galena.

Melissa Pinnix, Galena, and Matthew Pinnix, Sunbury.

Enas Yunis, Powell, and Eyad Yunis, Columbus.

Christina Hays, Dublin, and Gary Hays, Dublin.

Holly Vessels, Delaware, and William Vessels, Delaware.

Lynn Ann Urie, Galena, and Carl Urie, London.

Kimberly Jenkins, Columbus, and Ike Jenkins, Columbus.