Resident opposes transportation plan


As a long-time resident of Delaware I must take issue with the city’s proposed 0.15 income tax earmarked for street and transportation.

This is a permanent tax. We will be locked into a poorly conceived plan that didn’t have citizen input. People in Delaware do not want to pay to construct a bridge for the railroad. The Point construction is a $24 million band-aid that will create more congestion and move it through the center of the city.

Widening Central Avenue and William Street will move the curbs to the doorsteps of homeowners. The $5 million extension of Valley View will do nothing to reduce response times, and Houk Road, which will be widened, is only a quarter mile away.

We need a better plan — one created with open, honest communication with city officials. Vote no, so the city will come up with a better plan in April we can live with.

— Michael West


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