I am asking for your support for the Big Walnut Schools bond issue. I have lived in Sunbury since 1978 and while the area has grown tremendously, I love that Big Walnut still has that small town feel.

However, as the community grows, so must our schools. Even with the obvious growth, there are those who would have you believe otherwise.

As with any political campaign, there are facts and there are rumors. This is no different in our community. I clearly remember the bond issue we passed to build the current high school, which we are now outgrowing.

I also recognize the names of long-time Sunbury families who vociferously oppose all school issues. Regardless of how little or how much is being asked for, they try to pass their opinions as facts to deter people from voting for any school issue.

No one wants their property taxes to increase. I think we all can agree on that. But we cannot let our school district down! School funding is an enormous issue that needs attention at the federal and state levels. If we do nothing until funding is reformed, our school system will deteriorate, negatively affecting our property values and the future of our community.

I encourage you to take your concerns with school funding to the state now in hopes of future reform. Don’t hold our local district responsible. They are doing the best they can to operate within the confines of the system we have.

I am voting Yes to support our schools, and ask that you do the same. If you have questions, read the information on www.bwls.net to get the facts and make your choice.

— Sarah Weaver