I am somewhat amazed that Ohio has twenty-six days of early voting. The question is, why? Does it take 26 days to get to the polls? How did our parents manage to vote on just Election Day? Apparently they valued the privilege of voting in a representative republic much more than the inconvenience of waiting in line at a polling place. Why don’t we just allow absentee voting for those in the military or U.S. citizens working or living abroad?

Why not keep the polls open from midnight to midnight on Election Day and have no early voting? Is early voting in place to help voters manage time or is it there to illegally stuff the ballot box?

Consider this, if someone votes early and dies before the General Election does their vote count? Of course it does, but why? If I decide to vote on Election Day but die a week before the election my vote will not count. In both examples the voters are dead on election day but only the early voter’s ballot will count. In other words the politicians have put a method in place where the dead’s votes counts, just like in Chicago.

Many states send out absentee ballots to anyone who registered and voted absentee in the previous election. Do you think any of those ballots are filled out and sent back to the Elections Bureau regardless if the voter has died? Would you bet your life on your answer?

Do you think that any of the hundreds of thousands electronic voting machines in the 50 states and four territories are not tampered with before national election? In states that do not require photo identification to vote do you think anyone votes illegally?

Do you really think that a recent storm in Florida three weeks ago required a federal judge to extend early voting in Florida due to the storm? Why does one political party, the Democrats, always go to federal judges to get early voting rules changed after a State’s voters and legislature pass state voting laws? Voting is a right and privilege, not a duty.

Those who want to vote can vote and should vote. If you have to talk someone into voting, perhaps they should not be voting.

Until we have a federal law for all states and territories to follow during national elections we will never have a fair election. Until we have to show a photo ID to prove we are who we say we are, we will never have a fair election. Please, spare me the pabulum, there is absolutely no way that anyone who wants a photo ID cannot get one. Until we only print ballots in English, not Spanish or any other language we will not have fair elections. If you don’t speak or understand English how can you follow what the Government is doing anyway?

Today we find out that Hillary Clinton is now under FBI investigation once again. By federal law she cannot legally receive classified briefings while being investigated. Because of early voting, millions of votes have already been cast.

Those votes cannot be changed and many were likely cast for a felon. Just another reason why we should wait until Election Day to vote. I think Mr. Trump has a valid argument that the machinery is rigged for anyone that the establishment politicians from both parties want elected.

The big donors and established politicians have rigged the system so they can put their person in the Office regardless of who we vote for on Election Day. Voters need to investigate the candidates for themselves. If they did, they would know that Hillary Clinton actually does belong in jail.

— Christopher Acker