Two letters appeared in the Gazette on Nov. 2, one by Mr. Christopher Acker, castigating the idea that early voting should exist and enumerating his fears that voter ID fraud (including possible tampering with voting machines) is probably occurring in a way that might affect Donald Trump’s chances at a fair outcome in this election.

There is simply not enough space on this editorial page for an informed rebuttal, but I simply would say this to him: Fears are one thing. Evidence is another. If his candidate of choice fails to be elected, it won’t be due to any other reason than the majority of voters cast their ballots for someone else.

The other letter, by Mr. Chuck Smith, shared one theme in common with Mr. Acker’s: That the announcement that the FBI will be checking on e-mails from a new source is proof of wrongdoing and corruption on the part of Hillary Clinton. Well, to be fair, it may turn out that way. But no one will know for sure until details come to light.

It should be noted that the FBI is also investigating evidence that the Trump campaign has links to the Russian government. Concluding that such an investigation means that a major party’s nominee is flirting with treason would simply be innuendo. And that’s exactly what claims against Clinton are at this time — innuendo, and nothing more.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Smith in person just this morning, and I found him to be a genuinely delightful man with a good sense of humor. And even though we acknowledged that we don’t agree on anything, I do believe we share one thing in common: We both deeply love this country. We simply don’t see eye-to-eye on how to make it better. So, on that note, and with all good will, I have to say that as someone who has already voted for Hillary Clinton, I remain proud of that vote. I suspect anybody who has cast a ballot the way I did agrees.

Tony Marconi