Once a year, the directors and boards of all the Delaware County libraries get together to network and discuss trends in the library world.

This year, folks from Wornstaff Memorial Public Library in Ashley and Community Library in Sunbury gathered with others from Delaware County District Library and learned about updates in the field of library design.

Library leaders participated in a presentation by Columbus design firm, DesignGroup. Hearing the current trends from libraries across the world helped to offer insights that should be considered on a local level.

Trends like “connected learning” made complete sense — the idea that electrical outlets and the Internet should be one of the easiest things for a patron to access during a library visit. Other hot topics like the “maker movement” were discussed. A makerspace refers to a place where individuals can create, learn or invent. Often libraries include things like 3D printers, software, hardware supplies, tools and more in a makerspace.

While things moved very obviously into a more tech-y space, there was also conversation around the opposite. In a fast-paced world where people are so connected to their devices, there is a movement to unplug. Some libraries are incorporating a “no-tech zone” into their design. How does a space purely for traditional print media sound?

What it seemed to all come down to was no matter the hottest trends, libraries are listening to their patrons when it comes to design. Some communities demand more technology, while others thrive solely on the printed book. Some see a greater need for more “people space” that includes meeting rooms, study tables, and group study rooms.

Our patrons are always happy to share what they think the library could do differently, and we listen and take notes when they do. New DVDs are out this week. See what trends in the movie-making industry inspire you.

• Finding Dory. Dory, the forgetful blue tang, sets off on an epic adventure to find her family in a movie overflowing with humor and heart.

• Imperium. An FBI agent goes under cover to disrupt a local terrorist group’s effort to make a dirty bomb. Based on a true story.

• Indignation. In 1951, a working-class Jewish student from New Jersey attends a small Ohio college, where he struggles with sexual repression and cultural disaffection amid the ongoing Korean War.

• Nine Lives. When a work-obsessed real-estate mogul suffers a magical accident that leaves him trapped inside the body of his 11-year-old daughter’s cat, he realizes he has to put family first if he ever hopes to regain his human form.

The Purge: Election Year. Leo is back as Senator Charlie Roan’s security during her presidential run. On Purge Night, they must survive the 12 hours of lawlessness.

• Sausage Party. A sausage leads supermarket products on a hilarious quest to discover what really happens when they leave the grocery store.

• Star Trek Beyond. On a rescue mission, the USS Enterprise is attacked by Krall, a warlord sworn against the Federation. Crashed on an uncharted world, the crew must join forces with Jaylah, a rebellious alien warrior, to escape and stop Krall from triggering all-out war.


Nicole Fowles

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