Have we forgotten tolerance?


Nearly half of the voters in the two previous presidential elections were disappointed and have had to tolerate President Obama for 8 years. I do not remember major protests and certainly not anyone being injured and property destroyed by unhappy voters. Have these young people been given too much, too easily, that they cannot tolerate the situation when it does not meet their expectations? It is like a child throwing a temper tantrum (lying on the floor kicking and screaming) because they did not get their way.

For the first time I watched several hours of the election returns and curiously paid close attention to the blue and red colors on the USA map. Northeast and West coasts were mostly blue. In Ohio, you could easily see Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Dayton were blue.

All of these violent protests are also in the big cities. Why are these urban areas so pro-Democratic Party anyway? Why are the more rural areas not so much?

I married my wife at age 21 and worked my way through college. We saved every dollar we could, so we could make a down payment on our first house. Right or wrong, we like making our own educated decisions regarding our lives. We fear the USA has lost its tolerance for the beliefs of others. For the most part, the pioneers in this country accepted people from all walks of life, so long as they did not force their ways upon others.

We now have a federal government that seeks to control all aspects of our lives. We have constant regulations and bureaucratic intrusions into our lives. We have a national debt that has grown from 1 trillion dollars to 20 trillion since 1980. According to National Taxpayers Union (NTU.org) most Democrats are rated with Ds and Fs at spending taxpayer dollars.

Many Republicans are not far behind. Are the blue areas of the country so attached to that Federal money and promises that they cannot live without it? Do they believe it is OK to use the government to force others to live as they think?

Donald Trump may not become the best president, but he is representing us for the next four years and we need to give him and his cabinet a chance to make us a better country. It is time to act like intelligent adults, accept what we cannot change, and learn to tolerate other ideas without violence.

— Michael Slicker


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