Judd Rezin Clark, 13580 Vans Valley Road, Galena, and Jennifer M. Clark, 13580 Vans Valley Road, Galena.

Larry R. Cheetham, 801 Polaris Parkway Apt. 143, Columbus, and Laurie Beckley Cheetham, 3262 Foxcroft Drive, Lewis Center.

George R. Cruikshank, 4777 Liberty Road, Delaware, and Sharon L. Harbolt, Perrysville.

Constance Gayle Casto, 523 Cheshire Road, Sunbury, and Todd S. Casto, 523 Cheshire Road, Sunbury.

Kelli R. Wooten, 10 Rheem Street, Delaware, and Kevin M. Wooten, 10 Rheem St., Delaware.

Lois Pamela Smith, 532 D Executive Blvd., Delaware, and Richard Patrick Smith, 274 N Chillicothe Street, Plain City.

Bonnie Lynne Porter, 7562 Deer Valley Xing, Powell, and Ryan Maurice Porter, 7660 Porter Central Road, Centerburg.

Louis R. Grinstead, 5243 Fallston Court, Westerville, and Lorna G. Grinstead, 3700 Lancaster Kirkersville Road, Lancaster.

Kristie M. Jenkins, 769 Tree Bend Drive, Westerville, and Wendell S. Jenkins, 10000 Gate Parkway North Apt. 2113, Jacksonville, Florida.

Kimberly J. Dunnavant, 404 Ablemarle Circle, Delaware, and Kenneth F. Dunnavant, 1438 HollyRood Road, Sandusky.

Floyd D. White, 39 Perkins Ave., Delaware, and Catherine A. White, 1175 london Road, Delaware.

Rebecca J. Thompson, 4566 S. Section Line Road, Delaware, and Jeffrey B. Thompson, 1497 Forest Brook Way #377, Delaware.

Katherine M. Ratliff, 1721N. County Line Road, Sunbury, and Robert A. Ratliff, 7862 State Rout 61, Sunbury.

Michael Ray Starr, 11140 Jug Street Road, Johnstown, and Maria Ann Starr, 3240 Miller-Paul Road, Galena.

Joshua John Lee Kelley, 2331 Sheridan Drive, Lancaster, and Ashley D. Kelley, 519 Millag Drive, Sunbury.


Kathryn L Billy, 177 Rousham Street, Unit A, Westerville, and Douglas Allen Billy, 7499 Totten Springs Drive, Westerville.

Sarah J. Steich, 6098 Cheyenne Creek, Lewis Center, and Mark N. Steich, 3023 Glenlock Circle, Dublin.

Danielle Cain, 41 Westland Way, Delaware, and Robert Cain, 41 Westland Way, Delaware.

Theresa E. Lennon, 126 Trail Edge Circle, Powell, and Gerard T. Lennon Jr., 169 West Selby Blvd., Worthington.

Tyler M. Winger, 401 Eshlure Court, Delaware, and Jocelynn B. Winger, 2543 Burlawn Court, Columbus.

Nicholas A. Carroll, 8179 Marysville Road, Ostrander, and Pamela S. Carroll, 8179 Marysville Road, Ostrander.

Ryan Houdeshell, 3787 Main Street, Kilbourne, and Nancy Houdeshell, 9378 Todd Street Road, Sunbury.

Mary A. McDaniel Grandey, 200 Mainsail Drive, Westerville, and Kevin T. Grandey, 3977 Easton Way, Columbus.

Aaron Douglass, 8314 Davington Drive, Dublin, and Virginia Douglass, 4217 Dublin-Granville Road, Apt. F, Dublin.

Rickie D. Corbett, 111 Wagon Trail East, Powell, and Danielle R. Corbett, 5464 Amity Moore Road, Westerville.

Reginald Francisco, 8523 Remington Hills Circle, Lewis Center, and Elizabeth Francisco, 5266 Hickory Way, Lewis Center.

Christina F. Hartsock, 171 Richard Street, Apt. B, Delaware, and Jacob D. Hartsock, 9 Deerfield Place, Delaware.

Traci Lynn Martinez, 5781 Harrow Glen Court, Galena, and Roberto Martinez Jr., 801 Polaris Parkway #205, Columbus.

Paul Privara, 3930 East Bay Circle, Lewis Center, and Jennifer Privara, 3930 East Bay Circle, Lewis Center.

Neal Brock, 7291 Holderman Street, Lewis Center, and Jessica Brock, 6022 Inishmore Lane, Dublin.

Arika Marie Chandra Baker, 689 Lehner Woods Blvd., Delaware, and Deryk Mitchell Baker, 689 Lehner Woods Blvd. Delaware.

Peter G. Radcliffe, 38 Townshend Road, London and Shayne N. Simpson, 6968 Pine Valley Lane, Westerville.

Ross Wayne Sonnier, 195 Hawthorn Blvd., Delaware, and Melanie Lynn Sonnier, 195 Hawthorn Blvd., Delaware.

Melissa Hedges, 4 Rheem Street, Delaware, and James Toth, 4 Rheem Street, Delaware.

Allison J. King, 252 Longmeadow Court, Powell, and Kalen E. King, 223 Deer Creek Drive, Jacksonville, NC.

Anthony McGeorge, 4864 Strand Road, Westerville, and Lauren McGeorge, 6902 Falling Meadows Drive, Galena.

Source: Delaware County Clerk of Courts Office.

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