Remind Trump to make him better


All Americans have a stake in the integrity of our nation and its leadership. We also have the right — and responsibility — to challenge our leaders when their words and actions become illogical, evasive, petulant.

Citizens not only elect leaders, but such citizens must also hold them accountable. Significant and disquieting evidence suggests we’ll have a full time job regarding Donald Trump. Note some issues which require good citizens, regardless of partisan loyalty, to “hold his feet to the fire” so he can become the President he promised he’d be.

For many stubborn years, without credible evidence, he claimed Barrack Obama had not been born in the U.S. Now he refuses to take seriously real evidence, from multiple reliable sources, that Russian cyber attacks tried to distort our elections.

Bipartisan leaders know the evidence is credible. They’re calling for an investigation of this – NOT to diminish Trump’s election – but to find ways to protect future American elections. We can’t insure the integrity of our elections, if we hide our heads in the sand about past vulnerability.

If someone reminds us Hillary Clinton won the popular election by almost 3 million votes, Trump becomes upset, claiming people want to undermine his election – which he called a “landslide.” The reminder of Clinton’s popular vote majority does not invalidate Trump’s election. It’s needed, however, to put truth up against Trump’s arrogant belief he has a mandate to do as he wants.

It’s unfortunate Trump seems unable to tolerate any criticism. Such vanity will cripple his ability to be President of all of our citizens. We must keep reminding him of realities he refuses to acknowledge, not to harm him, but to make him a stronger president for the sake of our nation.

— William A. McCartney


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