Metroparks project still not approved


With knowledge of its historic significance, Metroparks recently demolished the original Club House from the 1920s era Mount Air Golf Course on the 43-acre Franklin County/City of Columbus property that they purchased at the Delaware County line. Without warning or public discussion, and with no documentation presented, their pretext of asbestos does not explain their haste and secrecy.

This low-lying area has been described as Highly Disturbed Wetlands and recent high water was a reminder that more than one-quarter of this new park property is either in the river or on the High Velocity Floodway, and cannot be legally filled.

An access road has now been constructed across these fragile Floodplains well to the south and further west from their original plans; this road is now extended more than 100 yards, in another direction, well beyond their City of Columbus permit.

Metroparks also wants to create a boating access/basin in the environmentally sensitive State Designated Scenic Olentangy River here; it would be an absolute outrage to dredge this pristine natural resource. Metroparks new plan, as now provided to City of Columbus officials, has not been approved; and this unsanctioned intrusion into this delicate natural area continues.

— Benjamin Knepper

Mount Air

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