Delaware police report:

An officer on patrol Saturday just before 2 a.m. spotted a individuals loading scrap tires from a bin at Monro Muffler Store into a vehicle. The officer stopped and spoke to the individuals, who said they were given permission by the owner to take the scrap tires outside the building. The officer told the individuals to put the scrap back and called the owner the next day to verify the story. However, the officer learned the owner did not given anyone permission to remove the tires. The owner declined to have charges filed.

A 42-year-old woman reported she was receiving unwanted phone calls from a boyfriend Monday afternoon. The woman said she and the man were going through a separation and said the man was now calling and leaving messages, some of which were threatening. Officers spoke to the man and warned him not to contact the woman again. No charges have been filed.

Police were summoned to an apartment on Silver Maple Drive Monday afternoon to deal with a domestic violence situation. However, due to conflicting statements, the fact that neither party was injured and there was no clear aggressor, no charges were filed at the scene. However, the case was forwarded to the Delaware Municipal Prosecutor’s Office to determine if any charges should be filed.

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