Heidelberg University

Megan Almendinger of Sunbury, a junior majoring in English.

Hannah Bardash of Lewis Center, a senior majoring in Health Science.

Sean Dezse of Dublin, a junior majoring in Education.

Hollie Dunn of Prospect, a junior majoring in Environmental Science.

Elizabeth Finnegan of Sunbury, a senior majoring in Education.

Darcy Flanagan of Delaware, a junior majoring in Business Administration.

Allison Gales of Westerville, a senior majoring in Psychology and Criminal Justice.

Jillian Goulet of Delaware, a sophomore majoring in Psychology.

Enya Granados of Delaware, a junior majoring in Biology and Education.

Hannah Griffith of Sunbury, a junior majoring in Communication.

Austin Jagucki of Westerville, a sophomore majoring in History.

Garrett Shearer of Delaware, a freshman majoring in Accounting and Computer Science.

Joseph Tallarico of Powell, a sophomore majoring in Biology and Health Science.

Ohio Christian University

Elizabeth Bently of Powell.

Wheaton College

Kasey Ticknor of Powell.

Abigail Ticknor of Powell.

Addison Gannon of Delaware.

Molly McIntosh of Westerville.

Joseph Miser of Powell.

Thomas Whittington of Powell.

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