Not a Trump supporter


Like most of America I watched the inauguration on Jan. 20 with much anticipation, hoping the new president would have a speech that would start to bring the country together, but as usual it was all about Trump and all about fear.

This man has not a clue on how to govern, he is so worried about his ego and the media and what they have to say ,that he can’t even write a speech that would help mend the divide of this nation. He is more concerned with how many people that didn’t attend his five-minute speech, than how to move forward as a nation. On top of that, he criticized all the people who stood behind him on that platform.

I cannot believe this man, has the mental capacity to run this country when he doesn’t even trust the CIA or FBI or the DNI. He has no government skills at all — none. There is an old adage that goes, “A man who talks a lot learns little, but a man who listens learns a lot…”

Mr. Trump, you need to listen and respect the men and woman who risk there lives to make this country safe. Russia is not and never has been our friend period. I don’t think you can change that. When Congress stops this bully from intimidation and speculation and makes him accountable for letting the American people know he can govern, we are in for a bad four years.

I cannot believe that Twitter is more important to a president of the most powerful country in the free world. And our reps our Senate and our Congress are totally blind. Wake up, America.

— Duncan Fair


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