Ban not the right move


Donald Trump’s first weeks in office brought two key acts: A Supreme Court nomination and an Executive Order banning immigrants from seven Muslim nations. That ban unmasks Trump’s disturbing leadership nature.

The act is based on lies. 1) It promises to protect us from Islamist terrorists from seven countries. The truth: our nation’s had no attack by anyone from those nations. 2) It’s to provide effective vetting of such immigrants. The truth: Current comprehensive vetting takes two or more years.

The ban’s preparation was flawed. 1) Administration officials disagreed about calling it a “ban.” 2) There was inadequate consultation with relevant governmental leaders. 3) It overlooked significant immigrants who posed no threat – a baby coming for critical surgery; thousands with legitimate Visas and/or green cards; or professionals returning from international symposia.

The ban used questionable criteria in determining countries to include. 1) Although we’ve had no terrorist attack from named Muslim countries, 9/11 terrorists came from Muslim nations not included in the ban. 2) Ironically, the ban did not include Muslim nations with significant Trump financial interests.

The ban makes us less safe – say expert analysts. 1) Its anti-Muslim nature becomes a recruiting tool for enemies, like ISIS. 2) It erodes relationships with allies helping in our anti-terrorism network. 3) It undercuts relationships with Iraqi citizens who help our war efforts significantly, and denies them the asylum we promised.

The courts will decide the ban’s constitutionality. Meanwhile, we easily understand why many thoughtful, loyal Americans object to this ill-conceived ban.

— William A. McCartney


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