County starts work on Old State Road


Rob Riley, chief deputy engineer, told Delaware County Commissioners Monday the work on south Old State Road has begun and will continue through 2018.

Riley said that utility poles are being moved on south Old State Road.

“The actual road work will start in June and carry through all of next year,” Riley said. “During that time traffic will be maintained on Old State Road. There will be two lanes open at all time except for some very short duration of closers.”

“It will be kind of a mess for a while but well worth the wait,” Riley added. “The traffic in the area demands the improvement.”

Riley said the engineer’s office has received bids on the project.

“We received six bids for this contract,” Riley told commissioners.

The low bid came from Kenmore Construction for just over $15 million, which commissioners approved.

Riley noted the project is “80 percent federally funded.” He told commissioners the estimate for the project was $14.2 million, but the bid came in “about five and half percent” over the estimate.

“I think there are couple of things working there,” Riley said. “The construction marketplace is pretty busy right now. Last year was a big year, this year is another big construction year.”

Riley said as the market improves there is an overall inflation in construction.

Riley then asked commissioners to approve bid specifications, setting the opening date and time for the asphalt materials.

“These are for the liquid asphalts as well as the hot mix material,” Riley said. “The materials are used by our own crews as well as the township’s to maintain roads and do repairs throughout the summer and fall months.”

Commissioners asked Riley what his expectations of the cost for materials would be this year.

“Last year was a good year,” Riley said. “Prices went down significantly with the price of crude.”

Riley said he has seen “historical lows in at least the last 15 years.”

Commissioners approved the bid specifications, setting the opening date and time for the asphalt materials.

Commissioners approved the additional items from the county engineer’s office:

• Establishing a maintenance bond for 33 single-family lot subdivision Vinmar Village section two and placing the streets on a one year developer maintenance period.

• Approval of an owner’s agreement for the nine lot subdivision Glenmead Section one phase one just behind Cheshire Elementary. “This would secure the street and storm water improvements for that section,” Riley said.

• Approve a drainage maintenance petition for Green Lawn Specialist, Glenmead and Mckenzie Ditch for placement of each system onto the county’s system.

• Approval of a drainage easement for the vacation for the Village of Bale Kenyon.

• Approval of transfer of property at the intersection of Interstate 257 and Section Line Road to the Ohio Department of Transportation.

• Declaring the necessity for improvements to Klondike Road and approving the plans, specifications and setting of bid date.

In other business commissioners approved:

• Captain Scott Vance, Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, approached the commissioners for their approval of vehicles for the Sheriff’s Office.

Vance told commissioners the request was in the budget and part of the Sheriff’s office normal fleet maintenance. “They are frontline vehicles that the general deputies are driving,” Vance said.

• Jenna Jackson, economic development coordinator, sought approval from commissioners on accepting and awarding a bid by Inspec Coatings Inc. for the Ashley Water Tower project.

• Jon Melvin, director of facilities, asked for the approval of a resolution of necessity of an vehicle for use in county facilities maintenance. Melvin said.

“This was in our budget to replace one of our maintenance vans,” Melvin said. “The current GMC ‘03 is beyond service.” Melvin said it will need to purchase a smaller van to be used by the painter.

By D. Anthony Botkin

[email protected]

D. Anthony Botkin may be reached at 740-413-0902 or on Twitter @dabotkin.

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