Safety measures recommended for boulevard


The speed limit on Lexington Boulevard from Thistle Drive to Buehler Drive is 25 mph.

But about 85 percent of the drivers travel at 31 mph or higher as Lexington curves into Buehler, said Jessica Ormeroid, Delaware project manager.

She also said there is a history of five accidents in that vicinity.

“We recognized there is an issue,” she said during a city Parking Safety Committee meeting Monday.

The committee approved measures for City Council consideration to reduce the speed and the likelihood of accidents. Parking restrictions were included in the original proposal, but are expected to be expanded when brought up at a Council meeting.

“This is probably one of the worst ones I know about,” Vice Mayor and committee chairman Kent Shafer said.

The issue was brought to Councilman Chris Jones’ attention by resident Christina Chambers. She said in an email to the city that during one incident a child and herself were in the driveway when a driver lost control, drove into the yard, and down her driveway and fled.

“We were only feet away from the car, but fortunately not harmed physically,” she said.

Linda Willeke and Jodi Breakey were the only residents at the meeting who voiced similar concerns. They said they usually chased down speeding cars, yelling at them.

“I know I’ve had my mailbox taken out multiple times,” Willeke said.

Deputy city engineer Matt Weber said this case would be relevant for an upcoming traffic calming manual, which would provide information for the general public and elected officials. There was some delay with the manual, he said, as the city is in the process to hire a project engineer with expertise in traffic behavior.

The committee recommended the proposed measures to Council with expanded parking restrictions inside the curve of Lexington Drive between Thistle and Buehler. The expansion would require Council action and residents would be informed at which meeting the measure would be addressed.

In other business, the committee recommended a resolution for Council consideration to remove a handicap parking spot at 216 N. Union St. because the resident who requested the spot no longer lives there.

By Brandon Klein

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