Parks board OKs bike plan


The Delaware Parks and Recreation Advisory Board unanimously recommended the bicycle plan Tuesday night.

The plan, authored by Columbus-based Santec Consulting Services, outlines $14 million in projects to be implemented by 2025. Board member Joshua Bricker said additional leg work was done for City Council by highlighting 15 of the projects from the plan.

“Some of the issues that I had with it was, when [the consultant] came back there were literally 84 different things that needed to be done, which obviously is going to be a tough number to achieve in a small amount of time,” he said.

“And then they had labeled almost everything as a high priority, which is great except everything can’t be a high priority. We have to prioritize.”

The 15 projects highlighted by the board would cost nearly $9.5 million and includes multi-use trails, connectors and enhanced crossings. Sponsors, partnerships and grant opportunities were identified in the plan, such as the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Safe Transportation Program from the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission.

Some of the projects were completed or are under way, said Ted Miller, the city’s parks and natural resources director.

More than half of the projects would promote more of an east-west connection to encourage travel to the downtown, schools and YMCA, using William Street, he said.

“These top 15 projects is a little bit more reasonable to accomplish in the next 10 years or so.”

The bike plan is expected to go on the Delaware Planning Commission’s agenda for its recommendation before going to Council.

By Brandon Klein

[email protected]


Location Cost

West William Street (Carson Farms Boulevard to Curtis Street)

$1.43 million
West William Street (Houk Road to Carson Farms Boulevard) $550,000
West Central Avenue (Kroger West to City limits) $470,000
Sunbury Rd (36/37) (The Point East to Mill Run Crossing) $1.07 million
Blue Limestone to Winter Street $23,000
East Winter Street (Library to Channing Street) $54,000
West William Street (Curtis Street to downtown) $515,600
East Central Avenue (East Winter Street to The Point) $736,500
Winter Street (Elizabeth Street to Library) $470,000
East Winter Street (Channing to East Central) $45,000
U.S. Route 23 (Kroger to North of Hull Drive) $1.35 million
Liberty Road (London Road to Somerset Road) $407,000
Sandusky Street (Oak Grove Cemetery to Pennsylvania Ave.) $403,000
South Henry Street to South Sandusky Street $710,700
Delaware Run (Houk Road to West of HV Golf Course) $1.67 million

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