Liberals need to give Trump a chance


I watched President Trump’s address Tuesday night and I had to ask myself again, why do some Democrats hate America? Liberal females wore white at the Presidential Address. Why? They say for women’s suffrage.

Apparently they have never heard of the 19th amendment, ratified in 1920, giving women the right to vote. As a further embarrassment to themselves and the Democratic Party, they remained seated when the President entered the House Chamber and left the Chamber at the end of the speech, before the President.

Not only was this in bad taste, it was against all decorum rules of the House. President Trump was trying to bring the nation together but the some pouting Democrats looked like they were being denied their participation trophies. President Trump is not doing anything to illegal immigrants that Congress has not authorized.

He is following the laws of the land. Liberals do not fully understand that we all must follow the laws, we cannot pick and choose the ones we will enforce, like the previous administration did on a regular basis.

“Elections have consequences.” Democrats must remember what was said during the election. We want to make America Great Again, and we will.

We want the government to follow the laws passed by Congress. We want our borders secured. We want the education of children left to local school districts and states, not Washington. We want a strong military, not an institution for social experimentation.

We want the myriad of social and overlapping federal programs that employ thousands of bureaucrats eliminated. More importantly, we all want judges who make decisions based on our Constitution and not from the view point of a political party. Democrats in Congress are against all of this so I have to ask, “Why do liberals hate America?”

They refuse to even give our new President a chance to make a difference. They just want their participation trophy so they can take their ball and go home. What a sad group of voters.

— Christopher Acker


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