Counterfeit $100 bills circulating in area


The Westerville Division of Police is forwarding an alert from the United States Secret Service regarding fraudulent and counterfeit old-style $100 bills believed to be in circulation in Central Ohio.

The warning specifically identifies characteristics between old-style bills prior to 1990 and new bills with more advanced security features.

“If someone receives an older bill, take a close look because they lack the security features of bills made after 1990,” said Detective Sgt. Charles Chandler. “We want people and businesses to be aware there is aggressive distribution of counterfeit old-style $100s in this area. If they receive an older bill, look for some of the tell-tale counterfeit features, such as missing symbols and lack of detail.”

Investigators say micro-printing and color-shifting ink are two enhancements the U.S. Treasury introduced with the larger presidential portrait on newer bills.

On the warning flier, the U.S. Secret Service says series years will not have the security thread or micro-printing around Franklin’s portrait (thread should be visible only when held up to light). The majority of these notes have been manufactured by bleaching genuine $1 notes and digitally printing counterfeit $100 images.

If you suspect a bill in your possession is counterfeit, please contact the Westerville Division of Police non-emergency line at 614-882-7444 or the U.S. Secret Service office. Anonymous tips regarding counterfeit activities may be reported to the Westerville Division of Police at 614-901-6866.

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