County refutes claims regarding trail


I would like to again respond to a letter from Columbus resident Mr. Benjamin Knepper that was recently printed in your newspaper. A similar letter from Mr. Knepper was printed in your newspaper last fall, criticizing plans for the construction of a multi-use recreational trail in the southern portion of Delaware County.

Many of his assertions then, as now, were false and we are disappointed that you feel compelled to reprint this misinformation without attempting to confirm its veracity.

Mr. Knepper asserted again that “dumping” of “questionable fill material” is occurring on the County’s Olentangy Environmental Control Center property.

As we explained last October, when we last responded to one of Mr. Knepper’s letters, the last time that Biosolids were distributed on this parcel of land as fertilizer was in 2007 and there are no plans to resume that practice.

The county maintains this property as a buffer between our treatment plant and the stream corridor. There is no “dumping” occurring on the property, as Mr. Knepper falsely asserts again. It is maintained in its natural state.

If anyone would like to review our policies, practices and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency’s annual reports, which assess the success of our operations, I would invite you to please visit our website at, or call our department at 740-833-2240.

— Michael Frommer, P.E.

Executive Director

Delaware County

Regional Sewer District

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