Thefts upset city resident


Dear people that keep trying to break into my home:

It’s my home not an abandoned house. I stay there and work on it, in between helping a friend who became ill right before I purchased the house.

You already took the air conditioner and the drill; the drill has no value to anyone but me, it had belonged to my son’s namesake and I was looking forward to giving it to him one day.

I will be 60 years old on June 1 and trying to plan for retirement, this little house and its contents is about all I have, however; I can’t imagine how bad times must be for you that you must steal to survive. If you need help, ask for it, if you need my help, ask.

I have made a decision that I will not be shaken or afraid, I have made a decided to pray for you every day. I pray that God will show you the pain that you have caused me and ask that He will bless you with mercy and grace and relieve your pain.

Yours truly, the not shaken resident on Reid Street.

— Becky Henman


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