Ronald S. Veatch, Dublin, and Grace Veatch, Delaware.

Susan K. Sawyer, Utica, and Steven R. Sawyer, Columbus.

Meghan E. Coughlin, Delaware, and Dylan J. Stewart, Lynn, Indiana.

Lauren H. Myers, Ostrander, and James Levi Myers, Saucier, Mississippi.

Allyson Mayer, Powell, and Charles Mayer, Powell.

Kelley B. Myers, Delaware, and Ty A. Myers, Delaware.

Larry Scott Alley Freeman, Delaware, and Paula Ann Justice, Columbus.

Roger W Green, Lewis Center and Angela L. Green, Lewis Center.

Lauren Fontaine, Marysville, and Stephen J. Fontaine, Ostrander.

Lindsey Warner, Delaware, and Mark Anthony Pyles, Delaware.

Douglas L Adkins, Lewis Center, and Denise M. Adkins, Centerburg.

Shelby M. Queen, Galena, and Joshua P. Queen, Beavercreek.

Scott Santos, Delaware, and Anita Santos, Delaware.

Nicholas R. Winch, and Teresa A. Winch, Columbus.

Thomas A. Bergandine, Delaware, and Alyson S. Bergandine, Delaware.

Dian Sue Emmons, Lewis Center, and Stephen Charles Emmons, Lewis Center.

Deborah Akers, Powell, and Sami Shubaily, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Leslie Schira, Sunbury, and Jonathan Schira, Hilliard.

Crystal Dawn Reis, Centerburg, and Rogerio R. Reis, Centerburg.

Kelly A Dancer, Hartford Road, and Ernest E. Dancer, Sunbury.


Thad Thomas Jordan Delaware, and Kandy Lynn Jordan, Delaware.

Lisa S. Tessman, Westerville, and John R. Tessman, Westerville.

Delia Herzog, Delaware, and Louis Herzog, Delaware.

Andrew David Beach, Lewis Center, and Kristen Beach, Lewis Center.

Nicole Anne Noll, Powell, and Jason Andrew Noll, Concord.

Glenn Morrow, Westerville, and Jacqueline Morrow, Westerville.

Matthew Tennyson Williams, Ostrander, and Sarah Ann Williams, Marysville.

Katherine A Stumph, Lewis Center, and Bradley C. Stumph, Lewis Center.

Mark Gleich, Columbus, and Janice Gleich, Delaware.

Douglas W Banton, Lewis Center, and Kathleen A. Banton, Lewis Center.

Miranda Gill, Powell, and Stephen Gill, Powell.

Hee-Kyung Clune, Columbus, and Adam Christopher Clune, Columbus.

Maria Kathleen Lester, Lewis Center, and Samuel Lester, Lewis Center.

Kendell J Hicks, Lewis Center, and Brian D. Hicks, Lewis Center.

Joshua L Williams, Delaware, and Melissa R. Williams, Galena.

Esther Ehlenbach, Delaware, and Jay Ehlenbach, Delaware.

James G Nahay, Lewis Center, and Misty Nahay, Westerville.

Deborah Smith, Westerville, and David Smith, Radnor.

Source: Delaware County Clerk of Courts

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