Commissioners OK JailTracker, Walgreens grant, economic plan


Delaware County Commissioners approved an agreement for JailTracker’s software, a maintenance agreement for the jail, an economic development strategic action plan and granted the submission of an application for a Walgreens grant for Emergency Medical Services.

Major Jeff Balzer, Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, asked commissioners Thursday to approve an intergovernmental agreement between the board, the Sheriff’s Office and the City of Delaware to grant access to the police department for use of the Jail Tracker software.

Balzer said there is no additional cost for allowing Delaware’s police department access to the software. He said the agreement mutually benefits both law enforcement agencies.

“They frequently run into the same people we encounter later on,” Balzer said. “By allowing them to access, input and check the information in Jail Tracker, it ultimately assists the Sheriff’s office as well.”

Balzer then asked for commissioners’ approval to procure a maintenance service from the State Industrial Products Corporation for the drains of the jail. He said the prior company had gone out of business.

“This vendor provides the services and the chemicals to keep the drains clean and well functioning in the kitchen,” he said. “It’s a three year contract to get the best price.”

Balzer said because of the volume of meals served at the jail the drains need serviced frequently.

“Without this service we would have lots of problem,” he said.

In other business:

• Bob Lamb, Economic Development director, asked commissioners to adopt the Delaware Economic Development Strategic Action Plan by the Montrose Group LLC.

Lamb said the plan is for infrastructure, process improvement and site development. He said the plan also focuses on long range goals for entrepreneurialism, marketing and business retention to support the current small businesses.

“We’ve been closely engaged in this process as we’ve gone along,” said Commissioner Jeff Benton. “It looks really good and we’re ready to roll.”

• Eric Burgess, Delaware County Emergency Medical Services assistant chief, asked for approval to submit an application for Walgreens First Responders Grant for emergency medical services.

Burgess said the $3,000 grant from Walgreens was their way of giving back to a community so emergency medical services can replace CPR training equipment.

“In 2016 we issued 740 CPR certifications throughout the community,” he said. “That is first responders, teachers, doctors and Boy Scouts.”

Burgess said it creates a large amount of wear and tear on the CPR mannequins and the automated external defibrillators. He said the grant woule help replace that equipment.

By D. Anthony Botkin

[email protected]

D. Anthony Botkin may be reached at 740-413-0902 or on Twitter @dabotkin.

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