Animal manure essential for gardens


It is disappointing to read only half-truths in letters to the editor when well- meaning environmentalists attack agriculture, claiming many harmful effects on our land and air.

I am most annoyed by those who refer to animal manure as “waste” because it is an essential ingredient for growing my garden, and it allows me to avoid using “chemical” fertilizers, some of which are organic, and not harmful at all.

My garden doesn’t care where it gets essential nutrients, but I prefer manure for its mulching and soil amendment benefits. As I no longer raise livestock, I must beg manure from a neighbor farmer who likewise prefers to have it to enrich the soil, managing the run-off, of course, to protect the rivers.

Don’t criticize my desire to raise livestock for the manure for my garden. I own more than enough acres to bother my community with run-off, smell, and gases. And my soil continues to maintain its fertility despite the gardening.

Dairy products have always been on the top of my eating list, so I can maintain good bones and appreciate the excellent job that dairy farmers do in providing quality products. If I could handle milking a cow, I would have done it years ago as I witnessed my mother doing to get our family safely fed during World War II.

I am not damaging the earth to any extent as I contribute to restoring and maintaining fertility and growing quality food products. I dare say human gases that are trapped in the home by obese people who don’t adequately control themselves, are just as suspect.

You get what I am referring to, without being indelicate. Do we have adequate data on that type of gas?

I have a badge that says “Save the Spotted Cow.” Perhaps I should wear it in public to remind people to learn the entire facts for a more balanced view.

— Doris Huffman


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