OWU adds to majors programs


Ohio Wesleyan University now offers geology, microbiology, physics and astrophysics as both Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees.

OWU graduates will be able to earn Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees in these four areas beginning as early as May 2018. Additional majors are expected to be added to this list over time.

“Both the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science formats are academically rigorous,” said Provost Charles L. Stinemetz, Ph.D., “but the B.S. degrees focus more intently on preparing students for advanced study in the field or direct entry into professional‐level employment.”

Ohio Wesleyan’s Department of Geology and Geography previously offered a “professional geology” major that earned students a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree. Additional physics courses and other changes have been made to transition this major into the B.S. degree program.

The B.A. degree provides a strong base for the subsequent study of fields such as law, economics, or environmental policy, Stinemetz said, while the B.S. major prepares students to work or attend graduate school in geology or related scientific fields. Course requirements are based on graduate school and industry requirements, he said, and conform to the American Institute of Professional Geologists recommendations for the undergraduate geology major.

For students pursuing graduate school in microbiology or a related field, Stinemetz said, the B.S. degree adds important requirements in chemistry, physics, and mathematics, in addition to a biology-focused curriculum that includes classical genetics, molecular genetics, cell biology, and disease-related courses. The B.S. degree may be of particular interest to students planning to pursue medical degrees (M.D. or D.O), Master of Science degrees, or doctoral degrees (Ph.D.) in research.

The university added B.S. degrees in physics and astrophysics in March and in geology and microbiology this month.

To be eligible to confer B.S. degrees, Ohio Wesleyan was required to apply to, and be approved by, the Chicago-based Higher Learning Commission. Ohio Wesleyan has been accredited by the commission – or its predecessor, the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools – for more than 100 years.

Learn more about any of Ohio Wesleyan’s nearly 90 majors at www.owu.edu/majors.

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