Michelle A Fox, Westerville, and Brent A. Fox, Dublin.

Patrick Allen, Delaware, and Stephanie Allen, Marysville.

Robert L. Snyder, Lewis Center, and Lori Snyder, Lewis Center.

Natalie Haught, Delaware and Todd Haught, Delaware.

Deborah S Hubbard, Delaware, and Shaun D. Hubbard, Delaware.

Teresa N. Bolton, Lewis Center, and Walter U. Bolton, Newark.

Melissa L. Perkins, Powell, and Richard W. Perkins, Powell.

Matthew Ward, Delaware, and Shalene Ward, Delaware.

Gregory A. Minette, USAF, and Robin E Minnette, Lewis Center.

Shivakumar Racha, Delaware, and Vasavi Lakshmi Kusunuri, Farmington, Michigan.

Jennifer Kneice, Westerville, and Jeff Kneice, Westerville.

Jason A Parsons, Westerville, and Jill M. Parsons, Westerville.

Nichole Byerly, Lewis Center, and Daniel J. Faillo Jr., Nashville, Tennessee.

Charmaine N Koch, Lewis Center, and Sean M Koch, Lewis Center.

Brandi Bright, Delaware, and Stephen Bright, Delaware.

Brittany Wise, Delaware, and Marcus Wise, Columbus.

Michael Hartig, Lewis Center, and Laurie Hartig, Lewis Center.


Felicia Colleen Parsons, Delaware, and Adam Lee Parsons, Delaware.

Mary Ellen Hanna, Powell, and Geoffrey M Hanna, Shawnee Hills.

Cathleen L Ballmer, Delaware, and John C Ballmer Jr, Delaware.

Kelly McLoughlin, Delaware, and Jennifer McLoughlin, Delaware.

Carrie A Scott, Delaware, and Clifford T. Scott, Delaware.

Sierra Wurtsbaugh, Delaware, and Terrence T. Wurtsbaugh, West Mansfield.

Alexis Tiefenthaler, Galena, and Joseph Tiefenthaler, Galena.

Stephanie M. Grady, Powell, and Martin L. Grady, Powell.

Kari R. Bruning, Delaware, and Andrew W. Bruning, Delaware.

Kelly Anne Kucher, Westerville, and Paul Kevin Kucher, Westerville.

Samantha Barnes, Galena, and Lance Perry, Lewis Center.

Kelli Lacy, Delaware, and Andrew Lacy, Delaware.

Amy E Adye, Powell, and Alan J. Adye, Columbus.

Landon R Watkins, Dublin, and Georgia A. Watkins, Delaware.

Emily Lipe, Powell, and Justin R. Lipe, Dublin.

Andrea Baker, Delaware, and Douglas Baker, Delaware.

James L. Kwak, Lewis Center, and Khema S. Kwak, Lewis Center.

Nikki Lynn Kitchen, Delaware, and Willliam Joe Dale Kitchen, Delaware.

Jennifer Lea Clark, Marysville, and Steven Bernard Clark Jr., Thornville.

Source: Delaware County Clerk of Courts

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