Delaware police report:

Police responded to a residence on Ravine Ridge Drive Friday just before 2 a.m. to deal with alleged telecommunications harassment. A woman reported that another woman had posed an inappropriate photo to Facebook as part of an ongoing feud. Police report the women have dated the same man at some point and police made contact with the alleged suspect in the case. However, she showed police evidence of ongoing harassment via text messages on her phone from the victim. Police report both parties were adamant in regards to pressing charges against the other. A report was forwarded to the Delaware City Prosecutor’s Office for review.

Police were summoned to the emergency room at Grady Memorial Hospital after an assault was reported Sunday morning. An ER doctor told police a woman reported physical assault after she refused sexual advances made by a man. The woman told police she was walking home with a man and said he assaulted her after she rebuked his advances. However, she did want to press charges.

A property owner on Estelle Street asked police to go remove a person staying at the property without permission. While on the property, police observed several items of drug paraphernalia and when they questioned the woman at the property about the items she provided officers with a false identity. Police later learned her real identity and charged her with possession of drug paraphernalia and obstruction of official business.

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