Library a wonderful place


Believe it or not my favorite getaway is the Delaware County Library. The main reason I go to the library is to do research and of course look at Facebook.

While I’m there I see other people enjoying the library.From making copies to selecting books or CDs to take home with them to much more. When I first started going to the library I was taking classes at AIU and didn’t have a laptop at that time so I spent a lot of time using the computers.

It was my home away from home. In the winter I noticed a lot of homeless people whom had no shelter from the cold and they spend a lot of time in the library and was never asked to leave. What an awesome way to show humanitarianism.

Last but not least I want to talk about the amazing librarians there. They are all very friendly and willing to help you with your every need. I consider them all my friends.

If you want a place to go consider the library. The Delaware County Library is awesome. You should try it.

— Eudora Mitchell


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