County property deemed obsolete


Delaware County Commissioners approved recommendations Monday from the director of county facilities, director of Delaware County Job and Family Services and the county engineer’s office.

Jon Melvin, director of facilities, in an effort to do a little spring cleaning presented a list of items owned by the county that were obsolete, unfit or unneeded for public use and of no value to the county.

“We have a list of vehicles that were removed from service in various states of disrepair,” he said. “One of the 2011 Crown Vics turned in from the Sheriff’s Office, it needed quite extensive repairs dollarwise. It’s almost like a test. I’m curious to see what that one brings.”

Melvin said the vehicles were all high mileage, with mileage in the 121,000-233,000 range.

Commissioners approved the sale of the property.

• David Dombrosky, Job and Family Services director, asked commissioners to approve an agreement between the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services and the Ohio Department of Medicaid and the Delaware County Job and Family Services.

Dombrosky said the agreement allows the transfer of funds from different government jurisdictions.

“This is a standard sub grant agreement between the county and the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services that allows federal and state funds to pass from ODJFS to the county,” he said. “This is done annually; it’s a one-year agreement.”

Commissioners approved the agreement.

Dombrosky also introduced Steven Sikora as the new fiscal supervisor who will on occasion present items on the behalf of JFS to the commissioners.

“I was previously with children services in Medina County four years and I’ve been here for three and half years now,” Sikora said. “The last year I was a supervisor in children services. There’s no secret that some day I want to be assistant director or director.”

• Rob Riley, chief deputy engineer, recommended the approval of contract of sale and purchase between Genoa Township Land Conservation Association.

Riley said the $16,619 purchase was for a parcel for Old South 3C highway starting later this year.

Commissioners approved the purchase of the parcel.

• Riley also recommended the approval of of an owner’s agreement for Vinmar Village section 3 to commissioners.

Riley said it was the standard development agreement for the construction of streets and stormwater improvements for a 24-lot subdivision in Genoa Township off of 3C highway.

Commissioners approved the agreement.

By D. Anthony Botkin

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D. Anthony Botkin may be reached at 740-413-0902 or on Twitter @dabotkin.

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