Multifamily properties can now use other dumpster services


Delaware City Council unanimously approved on Monday legislation to allow multifamily properties to opt of the city’s dumpster service just like regular businesses with zero vocalized protests from the public and some support.

The city’s commercial base included 82 such properties out of 133 total customers. Representatives from three of them have expressed strong interest over the past two years to allow them to seek private dumpster services including Olentangy View Condominiums, 1241 Rivercrest Drive.

“I think this is good,” said Doug Price, the property manager of Olentangy View. “I think they listen to their constituents.”

He said the condo board will make a decision to hire a private hauler for its dumpsters, which is expected to be completed by next month.

Delaware Public Works Director Bill Ferrigno said since the legislation came to council, three more property owners have expressed interest. But he has informed council a few times allowing multifamily properties to opt out could create a risk for the commercial base to get smaller as prices for the services could go up to cover overhead costs and potentially cause more customers to leave.

It could lead to suspending commercial operations altogether, which could increase rates for residential customers by an additional $1.33 per month in order to cover so-called legacy costs associated with the general refuse overhead and management of two closed landfills on Cherry Street and Curve Road.

“We’ll evaluate after a year if council passes the law,” Ferrigno told The Gazette last week.

Earlier this year, council reduced commercial rates and the city now collects trash from a 6-cubic-yard dumpster once a week for $121.80 per month, compared with the previous rate at $143.98 per month. But representatives of Hayes Colony apartments, 470 McKinley Lane, and Olentangy View Condominiums have said they can find lower prices in the private sector.

Lincoln Schneider, president of Provident United Inc., which manages Hayes Colony apartments, told council earlier this year it costs $16.16 per month for each of Hayes’ 189 apartment units for refuse service of 11 6-cubic-yard dumpsters, while it costs about $6.57 per one of the 336 apartment units for a Provident-managed apartment complex in Gahanna.

By Brandon Klein

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