Religion column: ‘Here we go again!’


Whenever we hear this phrase being said it is almost always in a negative context. It seems to me that Christians should reclaim this phrase for God and for good in our world. That we should express to those around us the amazing ways that God is alive and working in our lives.

It should be a statement of affirmation and excitement rather than dread or negativity. After all, things don’t always have to go wrong, in fact we have the promise that God is, in fact, working in our lives and that He will even work through negative circumstances. (Romans 8:28)

My wife and I are experiencing the reality of this sentiment with the graduation of our daughter from high school. Everyone has said to us how we are going to regret how fast the time has gone. That we are going to have to have another child in college (read financial obligations).

That we are going to be “empty-nesters” and will be all alone. That we will be just as busy by replacing high school activities with college activities. And on and on it goes. Can’t you just hear the negativity, “Here we go again!”

But my wife and I choose to make this statement one of joy and celebration. “Here we go again!” It is time to celebrate. Our daughter is graduating. It is not time for regret, it is a time of excitement. Otherwise, we make life about us and our concerns rather than about God and His working in our lives and in our world. We are thrilled to celebrate with our daughter.

We are full of joy for her to explore the next chapter of her life with God. We are happy to have an “empty house” for God worked in our lives before the privilege of having children and God has many more chapters in our life with Him ahead in the future. So, we must celebrate what God is doing and what He will be doing in the future. Get it, “Here we go again!”

“Here we go again,” God is doing something new (a new chapter in life.) “Here we go again,” God is doing something amazing (a new vision and future in our lives.) “Here we go again,” God is doing something unpredictable (a new way for us to grow and experience grace.) “Here we go again,” God is doing something profound (especially when we face trying times.)

“Here we go again,” God is doing something outside the box (inviting us to follow Him once again for the glory of His kingdom.)

“Here we go again!” Isn’t it so exciting! God is on the move and we are going to experience life with Him. “Here we go again, with God!”

By Rev. David A. Carter

Your Pastor Speaks

Rev. David A. Carter, Lead Pastor, New Beginnings United Methodist Church, Delaware.

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