Delaware police report:

Police were requested at an apartment on North Franklin Street to deal with a dispute between a man and a woman. Police learned the man was attempting to gathering his belongings and leave the apartment but the woman at the apartment began to scream and break items inside the apartment. Officers calmed the situation and warned the woman about her behavior. However, while officers were still at the apartment the woman threw an object at the man and engaged in other disorderly behavior. She was taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct.

A woman called police Friday evening to report that she was attempting to obtain a personal loan and were told by a person that they needed to transfer money via their checking account into iTunes gift cards in order to guarantee the loan. The victim reported that $1,900 was then stolen from her account.

Two teenage girls were found consuming alcohol at a home on Stimmel Court Saturday evening. Police contacted the girls’ parents and charges of underage consumption have been forwarded to the Delaware County Juvenile Court.

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