2757 Haven Court, Lewis Center; Bronner, Gary Scott to Fields, Daniel & Erin; $389,000.

7004 Africa Road, Galena; Babarczy, Marion E. & Suzanne M. Trustees to Eggeman, Robert G. & Victoria; $525,000.

101 Merriston Circle, Delaware; Oiler, Charmaine R. & Wells, Kerri B. to Falter, Anthony W.; $245,000.

7187 Hilmar Drive, Westerville; Venture Holdings LLC to Melton, Daniel R. & Lauren A.; $312,000.

58 Birch Bend, Delaware; Uncommon Think Tank LLC to Will, Kathy; $163,096.

1975 Royal Oak Drive, Lewis Center; Cataldi, Brian P. & Kathleen R. to Khairi, Ayman & Abdin, Muna N.; $269,000.

7233 Slate Bend Drive, Delaware; Cannell, Christopher & Susan to Fissel, Barry; $434,900.

355 N. Sandusky Street, Delaware; Kinney, Rick J. & Teresa Thompson-Kinney to Snyder, Kyle N. & Andriah B.; $240,000.

5309 Hughes Road, Galena; Ghammashi, Joseph K. & Colleen R. to Porter, Whitney & Michael; $451,000.

8272 Coppertop Lane, Lewis Center; Epcon Hidden Ravines LLC to Rinehart, Brian K. & Sheila A.; $341,590.

9 Lakes at Cheshire Drive, Delaware; Randle, Gwendolyn to Smoulder, George & Mary; $207,900.

506 Ivyside Square, Westerville; Burley, Kim to Starfall LLC; $206,000.

11487 Trenton Road, Galena; Maloney, Robert J. & Rhonda K. to Klaus, Andrew S. & Cindy M.; $1,050,000.

9316 Wilbrook Drive, Powell; Sierra Custom Homes LLC to Dugar, Ajay K. & Puja A.; $762,564.

4103 Mainsail Drive, Lewis Center; Old Harbor Estates LLC to NVR Inc.; $89,700.

1041 Little Bear Loop, Lewis Center; Bhatiani, Jaideep & Kaur, Baljit to Aguwa, Chinedu K. & Ukachi; $367,000.

6430 Worthington Road, Westerville; Kitzmiller, Ralph G & Sandra J. to Arms, Mathew J. & Heather S.; $275,000.

181 McNamara Loop, Lewis Center; Glenn Road Capital LLC to NVR Inc.; $61,800.

27 Meadow View Court, Powell; Fleckenstein, Elisabeth A. to Clark, James J. & Christina M.G.; $253,500.

4793 Scenic Creek Drive, Powell; The Meadows at Scioto Reserve LLC to Latvanas, John W. & Amanda A.; $421,270.

239 Chardonnay Lane, Lewis Center; Lawhun, Jennie R. to O’Leary, Vera Janet; $214,900.

3922 Cardinal Court, Lewis Center; NVR Inc. to Himes, Jared D. & Sara E.; $481,250.

7725 Talavera Drive, Galena; NVR Inc. to Carper, Audrey F. & Forest E. Jr.; $440,960.

138 Old Colony Drive, Delaware; NVR Inc. to Lehtomaa, Steven E. & Susi A.; $310,479.

240 McNamara Loop, Lewis Center; NVR Inc. to Santos, Jose Z. & Rochelle; $426,525.

4130 Mainsail Drive, Lewis Center; NVR Inc. to Murphy, Brian & Amy; $433,380.

651 Ferguson Avenue, Delaware; NVR Inc. to Thimdit, Jessica & Jonathan; $307,495.

102 Old Colony Drive, Delaware; NVR Inc. to Dandera, Johnathon M. & Jessica R; $249,445.

7643 Paradisio Drive, Galena; Vinmar Investment Limited to NVR Inc.; $95,000.

314 Ridgefield Drive, Delaware; Medrock LLC to NVR Inc.; $47,300.

5506 Covington Meadows Drive, Westerville; Karns, Kayle J. & Kish, Kevin D. to Irwin, Megan & Matthew; $273,000.

1301 Columbus Pike, Delaware; Bob Evans LLC to Broadstone BER East LLC; $2,617,000.

741 Burnt Pond Road, Ostrander; Steiman, Stan to Runyun, Nichole M.; $244,900.

352 Burns Drive, Westerville; Loken, Christopher W. to Damron, Dustin & Leslie; $181,100.

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