The Ohio House has passed legislation that would give the legislature additional oversight regarding the state’s education plan under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015

House Bill 235, sponsored by Rep. Theresa Gavarone, R-Bowling Green, requires the Ohio Department of Education to submit a written copy of the state plan required by ESSA to each member of the House and Senate education committees. This plan must be submitted no later than 30 days before it is implemented.

“As chairman of the House Education and Career Readiness Committee, I applaud Rep. Gavarone’s work on this bill, the work that I and my fellow committee members did in vetting this bill, and am happy to see it pass out of the House,” said Rep. Andrew Brenner, R-Powell. “This bill will provide the necessary oversight needed to ensure that the Ohio Department of Education is doing right by the taxpayers, parents, and students with regard to federal regulations. I look forward to the hearings House Bill 235 will have in the Senate and hope to see it become law.”

House Bill 235 was referred to the House Education and Career Readiness Committee where it received a full vetting in the form of three hearings and a plethora of questions and testimonies by interested parties. The bill was voted out of committee favorably by a margin of 18-1.

The bill also includes a measure that would prohibit ODE from putting the plan into effect should the legislature disapprove the plan through a concurrent resolution.

House Bill 235 now awaits consideration by the Ohio Senate.

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