281 Highmeadows Village Drive, Powell; Herning, Barton C. & Lori A. to flanagan, Brian & Catherine; $295,000.

163 McNamara Loop, Lewis Center; NVR Inc. to Ponnada, Phani Kumar & Ryali, Nikhila; $317,665.

6851 Peachtree Circle, Westerville; Burns, James to Ramey, Shawn & Sarah; $325,000.

324 Pecan Court, Delaware; Kenney, Brian W. & Jennifer S. to AH4R Properties LLC; $240,000.

3963 Regatta Court, Lewis Center; NVR Inc. to Bechtle, Paul E. II & Gail L.; $422,930.

268 Brandie Drive, Delaware; Crompton, Adam C. & Ukai, Chisako to AH4R Properties LLC; $210,100.

5492 Berwanger Drive, Powell; Klinefelter, Ryan D. & Tracie L. to McNally, Sean P. & Jill C.; $745,000.

100 Stockard Loop, Delaware; Swiger, Roger L. II & Ann L. to Isu, Abdulmumin Z. & Muhammed S.; $240,000.

3350 Clark-Shaw Road, Powell; Bunsold, William C. & Marlise to Moser, Christina & Bradley A.; $382,500.

6365 Streamside Drive, Galena; Homewood Corporation to Fischer Homes Columbus LP; $88,929.

3190 Autumn Applause Drive, Lewis Center; Lynch, Joshua A. & Christy A. to Werling, Douglas S. & Amy S.; $375,000.

Newhouse Road, Ostrander; Slane, Charles H. & Nancy M. to Boggioni, Joseph A. & Linda M. Trustees; $117,500.

7719 Holderman Street, Lewis Center; Christian, Carl L. & Katherine to National Residential Nominee Services Inc.; $350,000.

2056 Bryton Drive, Powell; Gooding, Alan J. & Robin L. to Bixler, Stacie M.; $429,900.

6821 S. Old State Road, Lewis Center; Pappas, Elizabeth A. to Nix, Anthony T. & Jessica M.; $275,000.

7719 Holderman Street, Lewis Center; National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Philipponnat, Kiran & Sara; $350,000.

11483 Trenton Road, Galena; Moore, Robert A. & Christine K. to Robbins, Ketha R.; $840,000.

7212 Wallpepper Court, Westerville; Flinn, John Jay & Darla J. to Zvolanek, Katherine J. & Tyler S.; $415,000.

560 Legacy Drive, Westerville; Zvolanek, Tyler S. & Katherine J. to Wuycheck, Robert & Sally; $258,000.

2302 Narrow Leaf Court, Lewis Center; Orlos, Barbara to Sprankle, Fred & Barbara; $340,000.

Warrensburg Road, Delaware; Camelab LLC to Burk, Duane A. & Maria L.; $69,500.

231 Woodedge Circle, Powell; Myklebust, David E. & Mary M. to Norcia, Vincent A. & Michelle C.; $320,000.

45 Lantern Chase Drive, Delaware; Lamping, Brandon S. & Michelle L. to Counts, Jason A. & Tamara J.; $230,400.

2965 Russell Road, Ostrander; Carroll, Suzanne J. to Hieronimus, Andrew M. & Arielle P.; $285,000.

3577 Greenville Drive, Lewis Center; Schirtzinger, Richard K. & MaryAnn to Bukari, James Kwaku & Pentsil Bukari, Ruby; $315,000.

6575 Letterman Drive, Powell; Summers, Ryan C. & Tasa N. to Stiver, Kris A. & Kimberly S.; $405,000.

4539 Olentangy River Road, Delaware; Cochran, Steve J. to Zaffini, Avi A. & Megan E.; $149,900.

4060 State Route 257, Ostrander; Holly, Richard A. & Teresa D. to Siano, Salvatore A.; $525,000.

450 Pollyanna Drive, Delaware; CCAC Properties LLC to Iddings, Robert K. & Susan C.; $350,000.

Home Road, Powell; J. Bentley Property LLC to SMB International Inc.; $250,000.

5296 Louden Drive, Lewis Center; MI Homes of Central Ohio LLC to Blackburn, Allison M. & Ryan E.; $430,009.

619 Eagle Walk Road, Delaware; Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Iverson, Kevin L. & Breona; $339,360.

922 Admiral Drive, Sunbury; Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Whitaker, Robert G.; $319,020.

6564 Emerald Ash Drive, Powell; Pulte Homes of Ohio LLC to Xu, Yuechi & Ding, Xue; $315,452.

813 Summerville Drive, Delaware; Hemperly, Brian V. to Rimco-Mtn. LLC; $153,000.

2467 Reeves Avenue, Lewis Center; Iyer, Srikant L. & Subramanian, Gayathri to Williams, David M. & Melissa Q.; $389,500.

124 Sapphire Ice Drive, Delaware; Porter, Matthew K. & Dara J. to Mulder, Donald & Kimberly; $316,000.