Delaware police report:

• An intoxicated man was reported in the area of Park Avenue and Franklin Street on Sunday around 3 a.m. Police made contact with the man, a 31 year old, and found he was unable to take care of himself. He was taken into custody for his safety and taken to the Delaware City Jail.

• A disorderly conduct report was taken in the area of South Sandusky Street on Monday around 2 a.m. Police arrested a 28-year-old male and charged him with criminal trespass and persistent disorderly conduct. He was taken to the Delaware County Jail.

• Police were dispatched to a home on Muirwood Village Drive on Friday around 2 a.m. after they were asked to perform a well-being check. Police checked on the subject and found they were having a mental health crisis. The subject volunteered to be transported to the hospital for an evaluation.

• A bike and two scooters were reported stolen in the area of Adams Lane on Friday. The bikes and scooters were valued at a total of $250. A report was taken.

• Officers responded to an address in the 200 block of South Sandusky Street on the report of suspicious persons in a parking lot of a closed business. After an investigation, police charged a 46-year-old man with possessing a crack pipe.

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