Change orders close in on guaranteed maximum cost


Delaware County Commissioners approved another change order Monday related to the construction of the new courthouse.

“This is change order number 12 for the new court house,” said Jon Melvin, director of facilities. “A list of 11 items covered underneath here. The total cost for this change order is $45,282.”

The new court facility has a guaranteed maximum price of $39,393,487 from the construction management company supervising the project, Lendlease.

According to Melvin, the change order puts the current total of the project at $39,254,312 which is still under the guaranteed cost by $139,175.

The originally agreed upon completion date for the building was June 30, but July 31 became the new agreed upon completion date between the county and managemant company. Work continues on the project.

Commissioners approved the 11-item change order, which included the following items:

• $14,226 to run a conduit and wire from the building to the poles along North Sandusky;

• $8,696 to add above-ceiling labeling to fire and smoke barrier walls because the original contract didn’t include the cost;

• $7,166 to change the exterior building name lettering.

• $4,056 for an additional cost to rework the drywall soffits in the courtrooms due to light fixtures being larger than predicted.

• $2,882 to enclose the fireproofed columns within an adjacent wall.

• $2,347 to add wood blocking to the soffit of the north elevation.

• $1,796 for upgrading from a non-fire rated glass to fire rated in the courtroom doors. The cost shown is the difference between the cost of non-rated glass and fire rated glass.

• $1,562 to relocate and condense two parking spaces to protect vehicles from traffic.

• $1,03o for changing to and installing fire rated glass in the jury assembly doors.

• $853 to change to quarter-inch drywall at top of courtroom entryway.

• $663 to build two columns for enclosing the sprinkler piping.

“These items are not related to completion date,” Melvin said in an email to The Gazette. “They came up during construction. Had construction been on time, these items would have come up sooner.”

The Gazette’s last report on the courthouse was, according to the County Administrator Ferzan Ahmed, that Lendlease had begun to forfeit $3,000 per day in liquidated damages to the county due to missing the July 31 completion date for the facility.

Ahmed stated in a prior commissioners’ meeting that Lendlease is claiming the delay is due to a labor shortage.

In other business, Melvin asked commissioners to approve a notice seeking for bids for snow removal of the county’s various properties.

“It’s 90 degrees out there and we’re talking about snow removal,” said Commissioner Jeff Benton with a giggle.

“Yes, it’s 90 degrees outside and I’m thinking about snow removal,” Melvin said. “The contract is up.”

Commissioners set a deadline of Wednesday, Oct. 18 at 10 a.m. for all bids to be received and publicly opened.

Commissioners approved a $150,000 transfer appropriation for the Emergency Medical Services.

“This transfer is to cover the cost of medical supplies, pharmaceuticals. Obviously, everyone is aware of the Narcan issues that everyone is facing in Ohio and the United States, as well as for internal for some issues we’ve been dealing with in the county EMS agency,” said Chief Michael Schuiling.

Commissioners approved $24,805 for an online subscribtion agreement for an asset essentials software and support services from Dude Solutions Inc. for the Delaware County Sanitary Sewer District.

“We’re looking to switch our work order management system,” said Mike Frommer, executive director of sanitary sewers. “The sewer district has over $400 million in assests, it’s important we have a good system.”

Frommer told commissioners that the asset program was currently being used by the county facitilies department with great success.

By D. Anthony Botkin

[email protected]

D. Anthony Botkin may be reached at 740-413-0902 or on Twitter @dabotkin.

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