Parents support Delaware City Schools levy


We are writing in support of the upcoming Delaware City Schools levy. We have lived in Delaware since 1991 and were fortunate to send our four daughters through the city schools. Our daughters were challenged by wonderful, caring teachers over the years and excelled academically. All were well prepared for college when the time came and were accepted into the colleges of their choice. Our girls participated in the Arts and we strongly believe that the availability of these phenomenal programs was a huge factor in their success.

Although our children have completed their DCS education, we continue to see the schools as a valuable asset to our community. Our children will not directly benefit from passing this levy, but the children of our community will. We believe in the Delaware City Schools and we believe that the passage of this levy is important to all of us.

We urge you to vote yes for the Delaware City Schools levy.

Mark and Linda Hurley,


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