Help preserve Preservation Parks


I am writing this letter on behalf of the Preservation Parks of Delaware County. Delaware is extremely fortunate to have so many great benefits including Preservation Parks. As everyone is aware, Delaware County is rapidly developing and the amount of open space and beautiful environs are rapidly decreasing. Preservation Parks has been able to preserve some of the most beautiful and interesting portions of our county for everyone’s use and enjoyment.

Preservation Parks holds the belief that we are the custodians of what are rapidly diminishing natural habitats as we watch unspoiled beauty become housing developments and strip malls. Those of us who would spend time watching a native Whip-Poor-Will forage on the wing or a Chimney Swift hawking insects low over water, enjoy the bird sanctuary at Deer Haven. Others note some rare wild flowers on a morning hike through Shale Hollow. What is important is simply, that some of Ohio’s rugged and wrinkled land once covered by glacial till, created habitats and land formations for both rare and common plant and animal life now living throughout some of our eight parks in Delaware County. This is the legacy we can pass on for generations to come.

The Park system is currently supported by a relatively small countywide property tax levy which is up for renewal this year. The levy is both a renewal of the current levy which is already providing many benefits but also includes a modest increase to insure that additional properties can be obtained and preserved as our gift for the future.

I urge your readers to vote for the Preservation Parks levy which is on the ballot this November.

O. Ross Long,


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