Not much has changed for Levi Jones and Audrey Hannahs in the halls of Hayes High School since they were crowned Homecoming King and Queen two weeks ago.

Jones and Hannahs, who have been together for two years, are proclaimed by their fellow classmates as the reputed “cute couple.” When their friends started saying that they were nominating them for Homecoming court, they assumed it was a joke. Even when they were nominated to the final 10 of Homecoming court, they didn’t take it seriously.

“I was like, ‘oh, we’re on the thing,’” Jones said.

Hannahs said she tweeted about Homecoming and got “a ton of likes.”

“I didn’t know people thought highly of us like that,” Hannahs said.

Hannahs said she took it a little more seriously when they were nominated for the final five, and took it very seriously when their names were called as the winners.

“I didn’t think we would win,” Hannahs said. “We definitely had a lot of good competition. There were a lot of nice girls and nice guys.”

Since their coronation, the couple said they’ve had lots of people congratulate them.

“There’s been a lot of congratulations and ‘I’m so glad you guys won,’” Hannahs said.

“I kind of feel peppier,” Jones laughed. “It was my first Homecoming, too!”

Hayes Principal Dr. Ric Stranges said Jones and Hannahs were a fine choice for Homecoming royalty.

“Homecoming is an honored tradition here at Hayes High School and the King and Queen are voted on by their peers for their school involvement, positive influence and leadership qualities,” Stranges said. “The students never cease to amaze me and pick students to represent them with all of these qualities. The choice is never easy as all of the students chosen to serve on Homecoming Court reflect these fine characteristics. This year’s Homecoming Queen and King represent us very well.”

Levi Jones and Audrey Hannahs after being crowned Homecoming King and Queen on Oct. 13. Jones and Audrey Hannahs after being crowned Homecoming King and Queen on Oct. 13. Courtesy photo | Delaware City Schools

By Glenn Battishill

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