Appreciative of support


My name is Richard L. Jones, or as most of my friends know me as Dick. I reside in Ostrander, Ohio, just outside the village. I was born in Ostrander and have spent most of my life in Ostrander. It is my hometown.

I had entered this year for one of the spots for trustee, but due to the Board of Elections for Delaware County, they disagreed with some items on my petition sheets. I fought to the very end to get my name put back on the ballot for this year, but it was just not meant to be. I want to thank all my friends and all the other people that signed my petition sheets and supported me and stood by me.

I will be running for the one spot in 2020 Ostrander trustee position, and this time I will not let the Delaware County Board of Elections get in my way. I just wanted to thank everyone that supported me, and I hope you will support me again in 2020. To all my friends and supporters, thank you again for supporting me.

Richard L. Jones,


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