Two trustee seats on Scioto Twp. ballot


Four candidates are seeking to fill two seats on the Scioto Township board of trustees in the Nov. 7 election.

Rodger C. Finks

Finks is one of two incumbents seeking reelection. He grew up in Scioto Township and has lived at his present address since 2004.

He said he has spent many hours plowing snow and assisting township employees with culvert replacements and other projects.

“I have firsthand knowledge of how the township works and how to ensure we get the best use of our tax dollars,” he said. “The township has several projects in the process for next year, including replacement of the deep culvert on Stover Road, the complete reconstruction of the road, and other smaller projects.”

Finks said the township’s roads remain his top priority.

“If reelected I will continue to use our tax dollars to improve the township’s infrastructure and to seek grant funds to supplement our tax dollars,” he said. “We have completely reconstructed three of the township’s roads at a cost of about $150,000, the County about $150,000 and a remainder of approximately $1,000,000 in (Ohio Public Works Commission) grant money.”

Doug Loudenslager

Loudenslager is the managing principal for Evolution Ag LLC’s Delaware and Plain City locations.

”Growth and development are coming and the township needs to take a lead in that growth,” he said. “I don’t claim to have all of the right answers, but I do have a commitment to try and make sure we are asking the right questions.”

Loudenslager said he thinks the most pressing issue for the township is daytime fire department coverage.

“We are the only township in the county that does not provide this coverage for its residents,” he said. “It is critical that the township continues to support the fire service currently being provided by voting to renew the existing fire levy. Relative to providing daytime fire coverage, I have been told by the department leadership that the budget could accommodate the addition of part-time day firefighters.”

Barbra Pugerud

Pugerud has lived in the township for 62 years. She is a retired school bus driver, has been a firefighter/EMT for the township for 27 years, and a 4-H advisor for 30 years.

Pugerud said she is concerned about cuts in state funding.

“We can better use our money in better places,” she said. “I think there are changes that need to be made. I can help change them by trying to save the township money by doing some of the things they are bidding out. We need to spend money fixing and repairing the stuff we already have.”

Pugerud said the most pressing issue is daytime staffing of the fire department.

“There need to be two people staffing the department from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the week,” she said. “We’re the only township that doesn’t have that.”

Sandra Stults

Stults has served as a trustee for 16 years. She has lived in the township for 27 years and in Delaware County all of her life.

Stults said she works with the Delaware General Health District and sits on committees for the local township association and the Emergency Management Agency.

Stults said serving on the board of trustees she has learned to be “very frugal” due to state funding cuts.

“We, as a board, had to get creative by going after grants from the Ohio Public Works Commission,” she said.

Stults said keeping up with the annual maintenance of the roads is a pressing issue.

“The roads are very much in need,” she said. “Grant money is usually for rebuilding roads once they have been gotten that bad.”

Stults said in the 1990s there was a levy for the township roads, but it expired and was never renewed.

“I’d like to see a road levy again,” she said.

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